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How to activate Windows XP without product key

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It is a well-known fact - activation after installing Windows XP is necessary within the next 30 days, otherwise, the PC user will face with some unpleasant problems. For example, the loss of basic system functions and the permanent pop-up windows with reminders of activation. Together with the messages like "This copy of Windows is not genuine" and the inability to change the black screen of the desktop to something more fun and familiar this situation becomes very painful and annoying for the user. For solving this problem you can activate Windows XP online in two ways - either using a license key that can be found on the Internet in free use or using an activation program for Windows XP.

Activate Windows XP online

Activate with Windows XP product key

The most uncomplicated way to activate the system is to use a license key. Nevertheless, this method has some drawbacks. One of them is the very poor quality of the keys published in free access. They usually very quickly stop working. The second drawback is the necessity to choose the right activation key. Not each of them will be able to activate your product version. Moreover, the user needs to remember that this method works only when the automatic download of updates is disabled (it can be disabled through Windows Update).

Activate with Windows XP genuine activator

Specialized for these needs, the activation program has many advantages:

  • high quality and very low probability of sudden system shutdown;
  • the quick activation process;
  • the process is absolutely free;
  • there is no need to search or purchase a license key.

The Internet offers a huge number of options for activation programs, but not all of them really work. We suggest you use WPA_kill. This program automatically disables the authentication of the product, and thus the user receives a fully activated version of Windows.

Directions for usage:

  1. Download the program and unzip the archive.
  2. Switch the system to safe mode; otherwise, it cannot be activated. To do this, restart the computer and press «F8» key.
  3. After the OS is booted, open the WPA_Kill program file in safe mode.
  4. Click «Browse», then «OK».
  5. Open the program again.
  6. Click the «Browse» button again and find the file winlogon.exe.
  7. After all these steps are completed, your operating system will be activated.
WPA_Kill performs these functions:
  1. It is suitable for activating the full professional version of Windows XP.
  2. It is suitable for activating the home version of Windows XP.
  3. It is suitable for activating the service pack of Windows XP.

Windows XP activator download

Sometimes when the user tries to download a program to activate Windows XP on his PC, the antivirus programs perceive such a file as a virus threat. This is absolutely usual because any program of this type is considered as a software cracking. In fact, there are no viruses, so you can safely disable the protection program for the time of loading and activation of the operating system.

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