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Windows 8.1 is one of the newest operating systems of the Windows NT family. Actually, it is an updated and improved version of Window 8, which has quite a large number both of small and significant improvements. The main aim of the upgrades implementation was to make the work with the graphical interface easier. However, in addition to the above-mentioned improvement, there are also many other system enhancement and new useful features, such as Smart Mouse Tweaks, new customized Taskbar with modern apps, etc.. In this article, you will find information and detailed instructions on how to activate your Win 8.1 for free. We will tell you about 3 main methods of Windows 8.1 validation and provide you with required software or free product keys.

How to activate Win 8.1

How to activate Win 8.1 with product key

You can the product key from the official seller or spend some time and find a free one. There are lots of free keys available on the internet; you can find these keys on our website too. However, there is one disadvantage of this method - all free keys have an expiration date and the worst thing is that you won’t know when your key will expire. It may happen in a few months or even years, but the key may also expire in a few days or weeks, so you will have to search for new one.

How to activate Win 8.1 Pro without product key .

How to find free Windows 8.1 product keys list

Using the Windows 8.1 product key is the simplest method to activate Windows because there is no necessity to download and install something additional. ... Published date:

How to activate Win 8.1 Pro without product key .

KMS activator for Windows 8.1 pro 64 bit / 32 bit free download

It is possible to use Windows 8.1 program for free without any payment. It will be important to activate this program in 30 days because after this period it can lose some interesting functions and the effect of activation can’t be such simple.... Published date:

Delay the activation up to 120 days

You have the possibility to delay activation and extend the trial period for 30 days; the system allows using this method for 4 times. In sum, you can delay system activation for 120 days.

How to use this method:

  1. Run the command prompt as administrator privileges. To do that, right click your mouse at Start menu and copy the following command to the string: Cscript% windir% \ system32 \ slmgr.vbs -rearm
  2. Restart the computer.
That’s all. During next 30 days, your system will function with no limits and restrictions and you won’t receive "Activation required" notification. After 30 days you can repeat this operation again.

How to activate Windows 8.1 using activator

Here on our website you can find and download tried-and-true Windows 8.1 activation software, checked by our specialists and tested by many users. We guarantee 100% successful system activation. These programs also are clean of viruses and do not interrupt the work of your PC. a great example of such software is KMSauto NET, one of the most popular tools for Windows OS validation. This activator works both for x64 and x32 versions; you can activate Win 8.1 pro 32/64 bits, as well as enterprise 32/64 bits with this tool.

Main advantages of the activator comparing to the license key:

  • System validation is absolutely free, no need to pay lots of money to make the system work without restrictions.
  • High activation rate, low failure rate.
  • You can validate Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. Activation is permanent for both.
  • The function of backup and restoration of Windows activation is available (for the case if you have already activated it via the phone)

Download Win 8.1 activator

We recommend you to disable your antivirus in advance before you download and use the crack. Antiviruses usually recognize activators, cracks and similar software as a threat, but programs we offer will only activate Win 8.1 and definitely not make any harm to your PC. It is not a virus, spy program or maleficent software.

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Activated Windows - how it looks like

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