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Why may users need a license key for activation of any version of Windows OS? They usually consider it as an absolutely unnecessary step because there are a few activators on the Internet and they are perfectly coping with the task which is set. However, no one talks about how these programs work and what consequences their use may incur.

Windows 7 product key free download

You will not be considered a pirate because of that fact that you use free Windows 7 product key

Activator programs appeared almost immediately after the release of the operating system (approximately in 2009). And we should say that hackers did not do a big work to circumvent the protection of Microsoft and release their "brainchild". However, thanks to this, for many users of Windows 7 (and other versions of the operating system) looks like a free product. So anyone who is willing to spend money on Windows 7 product key looks like a strange person who is ready to pay for air.

At the same time, if you think you are depriving Microsoft employees of their honestly earned money by using free activators then you are wrong. The main task of the company is to create such as huge customer base as possible. You will agree that it is logical to assume that if you need to use the full OS (for work or study, for example), you will pay Microsoft for the activation key to Windows. Those users that use "broken" versions just help the company stay at the top of the list of the most popular operating systems.

Official statistics say that in the last 8 years of its existence, Windows 7 has recently been suppressed by the new 10 version of the system, although conversations that Win 7 has been obsolete since 2015. Thanks to Microsoft's announcement that this version will be supported till 2020, it's safe to say that all this time (which is almost 3 years) and even a little more (remembering the way of Windows XP), this version will remain relevant and quite capable of meeting the needs of millions of users around the world.

Do you really need to buy a product key for activation the 7 version of the Windows operating system?

Representatives of Microsoft Company claim that the program-activators are seriously harmful (despite of Windows 7 product keys) to the computer and data in it. They usually contain malware, worms and other software cracking. It's not at all surprising that the user then has problems with data loss or file corruption. You can say that all these stories seem to be horrors that will not happen with you. However, you may be sure that sometimes even the most experienced specialist will not be able to tell if there is a malicious code in the program.

Think about it - why such a cool programmer (who was able to write a program which is cracking Windows OS) distributes it all over the Internet for free? We all want to believe in the best, and therefore we hope that the author acted out of good motives, but the chances that he pursued his own (and not always noble) goals are much greater. Therefore, when making a choice, think about how much you are willing to lose because as they say "a miser is penny-wise and pound-foolish". Are you ready to pay money and your files that you cannot restore for using your computer?

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